Walking Canes For Seniors

walking canesStandard walking canes is designed to provide additional support and balance for those seniors that are starting to have mobility issues. And the canes that are made these days are not your grandfather’s walking canes from long ago…you remember those old wooden contraptions, right?


These days most canes are made from aluminum to provide more support than wood did, are adjustable in height so one size fits all, have an ergonomically designed handle that is ideal for gripping (as opposed to the concave ½ circle of the old wooden canes), have the rubber anti-skid stopper at the bottom (you can see in the picture that some of the older canes did not) and they even fold up for easier storage.


And then there is the HurryCane, an all-terrain cane that stands on its own and is ideal for walking outside on uneven pavement because the cane automatically adjusts to the terrain.


walking canes


Some of the best options for you are in the widget below.


Walking Canes

And what’s more, caregivers can search from a trusted brand like Amazon for the products they need to make their lives and the lives of their loved one’s less stressful. Being that Amazon carries just about everything, just enter the type of item you are looking for in the search box (ie: “shower bench”) and a listing of top searches will come up for you.


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