Male Caregiving

There was a recent article in USA Today featuring a male caregiver that has been getting a lot of press lately, and as a male caregiver I wanted to chime in and give you my thoughts on the article. The article relays the story of Ed Mitchell, who is caring for his wife, Frankie, who […]

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Learning About Yourself While Caring For Others

There are times in each of our lives where we are forced to face something that we never thought we would be able to get through. Each of us is tested in some way throughout our lifetime and we must rise to the occasion, regardless of how hard it may be. Otherwise, we will never […]

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How To Help As A Caregiver When Help Is Refused

In addition to loving their independence, seniors run the gamut of emotions including: Pride, vanity, ego, shame and fear, just like everyone else. Because of this, your greatest challenge may turn out to be convincing your loved one they need help in the first place.  This is primarily ‘fear-based’ thinking that they are going to […]

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