Free Legal Advice For Seniors

There are several sources of free legal advice for seniors

I am going to go through them…as well as give you my personal experiences having sought and found free legal help for my mother after her heart attack.

First, my personal experience with the issue.

After my mother’s heart attack as I was going through the Medicaid application, one of the things that I quickly realized was that there wasn’t going to be any money to pay her bills and therefore I needed to seek out from free legal advice.

Video Overview of Free Legal Help For Seniors


Medicaid would eventually require all of her income to go to the nursing home…meaning that there would be nothing left for her credit cards and other debts.

There was a few thousand dollars in debts…credit cards and things like that…and no way could Mom pay for it.

What I did was contact my local Office of the Aging and explained the situation.  Because they are familiar with groups that help seniors in the local area, they put me in touch with the Law Department of a local college that had a senior assistance center.

This law department helped me to write letters to her creditors to get my mother’s debts forgiven.

They also were available to help in the event that I needed help in drawing up legal papers relating to my mother’s illness, such as a power-of-attorney or health-care proxy, but that had already been done.

So in addition to the organizations that I list below, I would encourage you to contact your local Office of the Aging as well to see if they know of a local organization as well. enables you to ask questions and get answers from a community of attorneys.  While they do not represent you in court for free, they can pointbyou in the right direction to solving your problems.

This is a volunteer website of lawyers who share their resources for the public good. contains a search listing by state to allow you to access local lawyers to help you with your legal problems.

Specific State Organizations

You should also be on the look out for state wide organizations that provide legal assistance, even if they are not totally devoted to seniors.  For example, when I searched for my home state of New York I came across the New York Legal Assistance Group, NYLAG, which provides free civil legal services to those New Yorkers who cannot afford an attorney.

Now, I can’t list all of the state organization ( has already done that) but I wanted to let you know of another resource out there to assist you that you can search for.

Finally, I have put together a list of volunteer organizations that can offer free legal advice.  This list if not all-inclusive, and I will be adding to it as I find other organizations.

You can download the list here, but please remember that contact information does change from time-to-time, so if you come across anything that is out-of-date contact me and I will update it.

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