Free Hearing Aids For Seniors

 This is perhaps the single most common question I receive…where to find free hearing aids for seniors


And while the cost of hearing aids makes this a necessity for many low-income seniors, there are relatively few sources.  The reason for this is simple.


Hearing aids can cost hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars.  With that in mind it is no wonder that finding free hearing aids for seniors is tough. 


But while it is tough, it isn’t impossible.


Here are some of the ways that you can go about, as a senior citizen, to get a free hearing aid.



Video Overview of Free Hearing Aids For Seniors



Clinical Trial of A New Hearing Aidfree hearing aids

Hearing aid manufacturers are always looking for volunteers to participate in trials of new hearing aids to see how their products work for the public. 


The big upside for a low income senior is that as you participate in the trial, you get a free hearing aid to use during the trial and in many instances get to keep the hearing aid, as it is used, after the trial is over.


The way to find out if there is a trial you can participate in is to start contacting hearing aid manufacturers to see if they have any upcoming.


This could be a long process.  For those of you who were in sales, it can seem very much like cold calling, where you might have to call 20-30 different manufacturers until you find what you are looking for.


But look at it this way, with the cost of a hearing aid typically between $1,000 and $4,000, how many phone calls would you be willing to make to get a free hearing aid?



Lion’s Club


The Lion’s Club is a group of business men and women in your community who end up serving the community, volunteering their time and participating in charitable events.


The Lion’s operate not only a national hearing aid bank but many local chapters operate their own hearing aid bank on a community basis as well.


In addition, due to the fact that these are local business leaders, many of them may now of a local charity or group that may be able to help you as well.



Office Of The Aging


Your local Office of the Aging [this government office could also be known as the Division of Senior Services in your area] may be in a position to help in several ways…


As the local office that assists seniors, it is entirely possible that they may know of a local agency or charity that can help.


In addition, in SOME states Medicaid can help low income individuals pay for hearing aids.  You would have to apply for Medicaid and get approved first, but this could be an invaluable source of help.



Hearing Aid Bank


These are organization that collect used hearing aids, refurbish them and then either sell them at a deep discount or provide free hearing aids to low income individuals.


I mentioned the Lion’s Club previously but there are other organizations that may be assist you.


The best way to find them is to do a search for ‘Hearing Aid Bank’ [link opens in a separate window] and then look for those in your area, as these hearing aid banks operate on the local level.



Service Organizations


There are several national and International organizations that assist low income seniors in obtaining a free hearing aid.  I am going to list the most reputable of organizations below:


  • Starkey Hearing Foundation operates the Hear Now program, an application based program for US residents to obtain a hearing if they cannot afford one.



  • Audient Alliance operates a similar, application-based program to the Starkey program where you can obtain access to free hearing aid.



  • Some Knights of Columbus branches also serve as a hearing aid bank and as a local organization they may know of local resources in your town or community that you can access.



  • Sertoma is a service-based club similar to the Lion’s and Knights of Columbus, but they are focused on hearing issues for low-income individuals. 


Discounted Hearing Aid

The next logical question comes if you cannot get hold of a free hearing aid…after all, they are hard to come by…what do you do?
There are several sources of discounted hearing aids, most notably through AARP.  AARP members can receive a 20% discount at on hearing aids and a 15% discount on accessories, batteries and other hearing aid supplies.


In addition, if you have any other tips, ideas or suggestions I would appreciate your comments below.






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