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When you are having difficulty with your vision, finding free glasses for seniors (or at least inexpensive ones) will become a priority for you, whether you are looking for yourself or if you are a caregiver looking for a senior citizen you are caring for.


Now that being said, this isn’t going to be an easy task…but there are a few sources of free glasses for seniors you need look at, and then if those are not available to you I will at least draw your attention to some cheaper options that will be available to you.



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Lions Clubfree glasses


The Lions Club was initially founded almost 100 years ago with the mission of assisting the blind, and while that mission has been expanded to other roles, at its core is assisting people who have vision issues.


Not only can you use their eyeglass bank to get free glasses but the Lions also offer free eye exams and glaucoma screenings as well.


Now, to find a local club and see if they have an eyeglass bank just click here [link opens in a separate window] to be taken to their ‘Club Finder’ page.  From there you can access help at the local level.


New Eyes For The Needy


New Eyes For The Needy operates a voucher program where any low-income individuals, including senior citizens, can obtain free glasses. 


This program does not provide eye exams, and you will need to have had a recent one in order to qualify for a free pair of glasses.


However, I will be giving low-income individuals some options below where they can get a free eye exam.


American Optometric Association 


The AOA partners with several organizations to assist low-income individuals to obtain both eye exams as well as glasses for those in need.  Click on this link [opens in a separate window] and pick the program from the AOA website that best fills your needs and requirements.



There are several other organizations that provide free eye exams for seniors, and may also be able to help with getting you the glasses you need.  These organizations include:


  • Vision USA offers free eye exams to low-income seniors.
  • Medicare-though Medicare does not cover glasses or eye exams, those who special conditions, such as diabetes or a family history of glaucoma, qualify for Medicare to pay 80% of the cost of the procedure.


Now, the above encompasses sources of free glasses and eye exams, but the question becomes…what do you do if you either don’t qualify or have to wait a significant amount of time for a voucher to become effective?


If Not Free…At Least Cheap 


How can you then at least find a pair or cheap or inexpensive glasses?


One potential source is to get a pair of glasses and Free shipping from


They are one of the largest internet suppliers of glasses and also one of the most reasonable priced.  So while I know you are looking for free, they can help if you cannot qualify for any of the sources of free glasses I described above.



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8 Responses to “Free Glasses for Seniors”

  1. Helen Evans says:

    I am in need of help for my brother. My brother had a stroke a year ago this past August. He has no income at all . I do my best to take care of him until his disability comes through. I work in a dry cleaner as a presser. I have a full time job, but for a year now we have been very slow. A full- time job with part-time pay. I also take care of six grandchildren and it is had on me right. My brother needs a pair of glassed and and eye exam. I can not afford it at all. I need some myself, but I am more concern for him right now. I’ve looked everywhere on the web for help. I found the Lions Club but they do not list a phone number. Please if you can E-Mail me or call me at [phone number removed by moderator] Thanking you in advance Helen Evans

  2. Tony says:


    This is Tony Rovere with

    I received your comment and am looking to help you.

    I see from your phone number that you are in central Mississippi. Send me your address and I will do what I can to locate the local Lion’s club for you.

    At the very least, I should be able to get where they hold their local meetings. This way you can stop by during one of them and see if it is possible for them to assist you, either with the glasses or with a local optometrist who volunteers his time for low-income seniors.

    Also, in terms of the free eye exam the page where you left the comment…

    …Listed three organizations that help low-income seniors with free eye exams. Prevent Blindness, Eyecare America and Vision USA may be able to help.

    And do not hesitate to contact me if you need further assistance.

  3. sjcdakota says:

    Do a Google search for First Pair Free Eyeglasses. There are at least 5 websites that if you have a prescription, you can get glasses or sunglasses for under $30, shipping included. I have purchases two pair already, and they are GREAT! You get several freebies to help take care of your glasses, also. Most have a coupon code which is easily found., for instance, is FRIMOOFREE. Some offer free add-ons, some charge a small fee, like $4.95. The eyeglass shop at my eye doctors office, after my insurance paid, still wanted $65 for sunglasses. I bought mine online for $18, and claimed it on my insurance.

  4. Patricia C Vener says:

    Very helpful information. Thank you!

  5. Gale says:

    Came across this site while searching for assistance for my husband’s need for new glasses. He’s had the exam, but cannot pay $500 for the glasses. Got some reason, I was thinking that Medicare would pay for 1 set of glasses, but we found that not to be true. Medicare lacks other needs such as vision and dental. Think the program sure needs some revisions. 🙁

  6. Harriett Adams says:

    Hi, I have my prescription but after medicare pays my glasses are going to cost me almost $200.00. They are bifocals but I can”t afford to pay that on a limited income. Can someone please help me with maybe a cheaper place to go. Thank You!

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