Free Cell Phone For Seniors Throughout The USA

If you searching for help there are several potential sources  of free cell phones for seniors, in particular free government cell phones.


I will take you through the resources and show you what the qualifications are to receive a free government cell phone.


It is important to note that not everyone will qualify, but I will list below the 3 national sources of free cell phones for seniors.  Each of them currently serve most of the states, though as I write this there are some areas that may not be serviced.  However, between the three of them it is likely that at least one of them covers the area you are in.



Video Overview of Free Government Cell Phones



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National Sources of Free Cell Phone For Seniors

and Senior Cell Phone Plans


Assurance Wireless-I have a thorough review of Assurance wireless and you can visit the Assurance Wireless page provided by for more information.


SafeLink Wireless-The best known of the government-sponsored free cell phones for seniors throughout the USA, or anyone else, is offered by SafeLink Wireless.  For those who qualify, you can receive a free cell phone as well as 250 free anytime minutes per month to use at your discretion.

free cell phone for seniors


You also have the opportunity with SafeLink to purchase additional minutes, either 250 additional minutes for $5 for 750 additional minutes plus 1,000 texts for $20.


There are income requirements so you will definitely need to fill out an application to see if you qualify.  You can visit SafeLink Wireless for information regarding enrollment.


ReachOut Wireless-ReachOut provides the same features as SafeLink and Assurance. 


The one thing that was very interesting is that ReachOut gives you the option, if you choose, to get more advanced phones such as smart phones that operate Google Android platform. 


It should be noted, however, that these Android type phones are NOT ideal for many seniors as they can be complicated to use and you will have to pay for them.


You will, however, be provided with a simple phone for free.


All three companies, because they support a federal government program, offer similar benefits and eligibility requirements and offer ideal free cell phones for seniors.


Nonetheless, because the difference obviously is customer service and the selection of phones available, you should contact all of them to determine which is the best for you.





What To Look

For In A Free

Cell Phone for


When you re looking for a cell phone for seniors you are looking for simplicity.


This does NOT mean things that come attached to the latest iPhone, like texting, unlimited data, customizable apps, GPS, etc… 


It DOES mean that you are looking for, as my father puts it, a “brick with an antenna”… 


  • No bells and whistles…a phone that rings and makes calls, that’s it
  • No fancy apps
  • Internet is optional
  • A simple phone that is easy to use
  • Large buttons that are backlit
  • Maybe a simple ‘911’ button to use in emergencies
  • A loud speaker for the hearing impaired that is hearing aid compatible



 What If You Don’t Qualify For a Free Phone


Most low-income seniors will qualify for a free phone from the government, but if you don’t or if you want a different model phone (the government phones are pretty simple), there are a few options you can consider…


Consumer Cellular  

I have written extensively about their “Anywhere Casual” plan, which has no monthly bill…you just pay for the minutes you use. You can go here to find out more.


Great Call 

GreatCall markets their Jitterbug line of phones which are specifically designed for seniors and comes with very senior friendly features such as the 5 Star Urgent Response system and Jitterbug Live Nurse, where you can call at anytime and speak with a nurse. You can find out more by clicking here.



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11 Responses to “Free Cell Phone For Seniors Throughout The USA”

  1. beth says:

    Glad that you pointed out that not everyone who applies to have these phones actually receives one – the criteria is very specific. I tried to get my mom a phone via Safelink, but even her limited, fixed income was too high to qualify. I wasn’t aware of the other 2 services, but even so, I was able to find a low cost, prepaid provider that she could afford. SVC/Tracfone was recommended to us by several friends in the same situation and their $7 monthly service (roughly) was on the same level as Assurance – the only difference here was purchasing a $15 phone for her. Considering the cost of many of the other senior specific carriers out there, I think SVC is a great find and could offer many other seniors in my mom’s situtation an affordable way to keep in touch.

  2. I need a phone that does not have any fancy do dads like a camera or games just makes phone calls and lets me get calls. I am on a fixed income which keeps getting smaller thanks to the government.

  3. admin says:


    Here are some options for you. First of all, go to the upper left of this page and look under “Popular Cell Phone For Senior Citizens Articles”.

    I am going to give you a few ideas:

    1) The Jitterbug is great for you and doesn’t come with any of the bells and whistles as you request.

    2) Consumer Cellular-this is a phone carrier that is optimized for seniors with plans and phones ideal for your needs.

    Finally, if you are in a fixed income you may qualify for SafeLink wireless and a free government cell phone. Check out the link for SafeLink Wireless for more information.

  4. best cell phone for seniors at&t no texting while driving says:

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  5. Alicia Light says:

    I used for years with only small issues. Now they have a third party, doing their upgrades. I lost my phone, and the only recognizable brands were $70-80. Due to my disability I thought a touch screen would be helpful so I saved for 3 months. I got a lemon, nothing works right, even for people with Smart phones, cannot even get into my voice mail, and after their supervisor worked on it it’s now in Spanish! They ignore my asking for a refund so I can replace my dumb phone. Use another company.

    • Tony Rovere says:


      Sorry to hear about the bad experience with customer service at

      Approving your comment so people can keep your experience in mind when looking for a phone.

  6. Phil Shope says:

    I am on a fixed income, Social Security Disability and Veteran Service Connected Disability.
    Can I get a free mobile service and use the phone that I have now if needs be? Maybe you could direct me to where to look. Thanks, Phil

    • Tony Rovere says:


      When you get one of the government phone programs it comes with its own phone. I do not know if the phone is interchangeable. The best way to answer would be to contact or and ask them.

      It might be possible to sway out the SIM card. I am just not sure and the only way to find out would be to contact the carrier you were switching to.

  7. Matt says:

    Hi everyone, my name is Matt and I represent another LifeLine provider called Budget Mobile. We’re happy to answer any questions folks may have about the LifeLine program and help them sign up. Visit our website at or chat with us on Facebook at

  8. Good morning,
    I wish to find out if you donate recycled cell phones to resource constrained communities like ours. If you do , how can I receive donated cell phones? My contact details are:

    Mr Agripa Simwanza,
    Malcolm Watson Hospital,
    P.O. Box 40499,

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