Clocks For Senior Citizens and The Visually Impaired

In response to a question from a visitor, I wanted to take some time and go over the features you should be looking for in clocks for senior citizens. And in the process of doing my research, I came across several models that seem like ideal categories.


But first, here are a few of the features and benefits that you should be looking for…


  • A large display…many seniors are visually impaired so the smaller, more typical clocks with small LCD displays aren’t ideal. Neither are old-style clocks with the hands…because the hands on the clock are too thin for a senior to see.
  • Audio alerts…some clocks for senior citizens give off an audio alarm on the hour, or have a button that when you press it will tell you what time it is.


In addition, I found a few that were very economical. As usual, I am going to highlight them from the least expensive to the most expensive.


clocks for senior citizens

Curve Talking Clock


This is the most economical of the clocks for senior citizens I can find, and seems very easy to operate. It doesn’t feature the large LCD display I had discussed, but it does come with an audio feature that will tell the operator the time at a push of the large button in the picture.


It also has adjustable volume and you can also set the clock to tell the time every hour.


From looking at the reviews, the only drawback is the placement of the buttons on the left. The three smaller buttons on the left in the picture set the clock and the alarm, and if an elderly senior hits those buttons instead of the larger buttons they can accidentally change the settings and the time.


Other than that, this seems like a well-built and designed device and should serve as a capable clock for senior citizens.


Sonic Boom SBB500ss Sonic Bomb Loud

Plus Vibrating Alarm Clock


This clock for senior citizens handles help from another perspective. Instead of a large display (it is a standard size alarm clock), it features a loud alarm as well as a vibration device that triggers when the alarm is sounded.
It also has a flashing tone for the hard of hearing, so it provides a visual display as well.
You can see a video below of the clock in action…



For those seniors who are hard of hearing, this is the alarm clock for them…



Dynamic Living Oversized

16-inch X 7.5-inch

Digital Led Calendar Wall



You can see an image of these clocks for senior citizens, and it is big (almost 16” x 7.5”).


The large LCD display is ideal for visually impaired seniors, as well as those with a tendency to forget what day of the week it is.


That makes the ideal clock for senior citizens who suffer from vision issues or memory lapses.


The important features are that it is LARGE and very easy to read. And as I studied it and read the reviews, the only negative thing said about the product is that it was in some ways too large for home use.


But if you are in the market for a big clock for senior citizens that they can easily read, then this is the one for you.




These are more clocks for seniors than the ones that I highlighted in the carousel below…


Clocks For Senior Citizens






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