Aging in place

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To help guide those who might be new to my site, I have taken the liberty of listing my most popular pages. This is the information that seniors and their caregivers need most…and it is listed below.     Free Dentures and Dental Care Free Cell Phones For Seniors Government and Financial Assistance To Seniors […]

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Free Walkers For Seniors

Despite the fact that they are not expensive (you can pick up a walker for around $40) finding free walkers for seniors is an understandable concern due to the fact that many seniors cannot afford them, even if a cheap one is around $40. Free walkers … or rollators, which is a walker with wheels on it…aid […]

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Free Wheelchair For The Disabled – How To Find The Help You Need

I got a question in email from a reader about how to find a free wheelchair for the disabled.  And at first, I have to admit that I was stumped. I had searched for “Free wheelchairs” and came up pretty empty.  Then I decided to search from another perspective.  And that was for “wheelchair donation […]

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