The Best Cell Phones For Seniors

I recently got an email from a subscriber asking me what The Best Cell Phones For Seniors are.  And the reality of the situation is that not only is that question relative to the senior in question, but in reality the answer is always changing.

Because new makes and models appear all the time.  So anything written about the best cell phones for seniors today (I am writing this is January 2016) might be obsolete in a few months’ time.

So to that end, I am going to focus this article on 2 separate aspects…

  • What is the best cell phone for seniors now?
  • What types of features should you be looking for in the future in a “senior-friendly” cell phone?

Best Cell Phones for Seniors Now

Based upon my experience in dealing with seniors and with my volunteer work at the National Aging-In-Place Council, here are a few well respected phones that caregivers should consider to be the best cell phones for seniors currently on the market…

The Jitterbug

No longer just a “brick with an antenna” as my father would say, the Jitterbug is, to me, the best cell phone for seniors right now.The Best Cell Phones For Seniors

It has all of the features that seniors and caregivers are looking for in a phone…

  • There are extremely large buttons with legible numbers that make dialing far easier than most of the touch screen devices today.
  • The keypad is backlit for those who are visually impaired to make dialing simpler
  • Simple, no “bells-and-whistles”

But what really makes the Jitterbug the best cell phone for seniors is the 5-Star Emergency response system.

I was so impressed by it that I write a separate article about it.  So rather than just repeating myself feel free to go to that article by clicking here.

But if you would like to see a video demonstration, here is America’s Most Wanted host John Walsh talking about the 5 Star Emergency Response System.


John Walsh introduces Great Call’s 5-Star Response


Now admittedly, the Jitterbug is a little pricey, and a monthly monitoring for the 5-Star Emergency Response System might be a little out of reach for a lot of seniors, so that is why I am presenting a lower-cost phone that could also be considered the best cell phone for seniors, on a budget.

Doro Phone Easy

This phone can be considered the “Jitterbug” Light, being that it is cheaper and comes with all of the features that are needed in a senior-specific cell phone.The Best Cell Phones For Seniors

The only thing that it does not have is the emergency response system and monitoring that comes with the Jitterbug.

Offered by Consumer Cellular (a mobile phone company that caters exclusively to Boomers and Seniors)  this phone features the large, backlit buttons and is hearing aid compatible.

But as I said, the problem with any list today of the best cell phones for seniors is that it is hopelessly obsolete within the next 6 months.

There will a new, better model of the Jitterbug eventually.  Same with the Doro.  Or any other phone that I listed here.

So rather than continue with a list, let me give you the features I think you should look for, now and in the future, for the best cell phone for seniors…


The Best Cell Phones For Seniors
panic button on back of phone

Anything that I would consider to be the best cell phone for seniors would have the following characteristics…

  • Big buttons
  • Back lit buttons
  • Large and easy to grasp
  • Come with a “panic button” which automatically calls 911
  • Loud, or at least louder than a regular cell phone
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Loud siren that can alert those nearby to an emergency
  • Speaking keypad, so that you know you are hitting the right button

And as time goes on and technology improves, you will see more and more features coming online to assist seniors and their caregivers.

And that is why asking what is the best cell phone for seniors is so difficult to answer.

The answer will undoubtedly keep changing as time goes on.

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