Seniors In Spring: 4 Accidents To Avoid With The Warm Weather

When the warm weather of spring arrives along with the beautiful colors outside, most seniors want to get out of the house to enjoy it like everyone else. However, there are a few accidents that are waiting to happen with seniors that you can help them avoid. It might be difficult at first to keep them inside or to keep them from doing the things that they want to do, but it’s so that they live longer and live a healthy life.


Heat Stroke

Since seniors tend to get dehydrated a bit easier and don’t have skin that is as thick as someone younger, it’s easier for them to have a heat stroke while they are outside in the warm weather. If someone you know wants to be outside when it’s warm, then consider getting a large hat that will help block out the sun as much as possible. You also need to talk to the person about only getting outside in the morning or the evening when the sun isn’t shining as brightly and or as hot.


Falling In The Yard

As seniors start to pick up limbs in the yard or work in a garden, it can be easier to fall. They could trip over something in the yard or lose their balance while bending over. Try to help with yard work as much as possible so that the senior can relax while enjoying the view. Hiring a landscaper might be an option as well if you aren’t able to do the work on your own.


Out And About

Many seniors like getting out to go to church, community functions or to run errands when the weather turns warmer in the spring because they aren’t able to do as much when it’s colder. This is a time when seniors tend to have more slips and falls in public places, like grocery stores or nursing homes if they go to see friends. If someone you know has fallen and there were no signs or the proper equipment that the person could hold on to while walking, such as rails, then seek the help of a personal injury attorney. The attorney, like the professionals at Clearfield & Kofsky, can help to get some type of compensation for the medical bills and pain and suffering that the senior endures.


Rainy Weather

The spring season often brings more rain. When seniors go outside after it rains, it can make sidewalks and steps slick. It can also make leaves on the ground slick. Check in on them if the weather has been bad to make sure they are safe and have everything they need. Keep the leaves picked up in the yard. You could also have rails installed along the stairs or on the sidewalk to give the senior something to hold onto while walking.


Most senior citizens enjoy being outside. They like the fresh air and being independent. When spring arrives, it comes with more accidents for seniors who think that they can do the same things they did when younger. Talk to seniors about the risks that are seen in the spring and how you can work together to maintain safety.

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