How Seniors Can Find Ways To Reduce Their Property Taxes

I recently got a question regarding property tax exemptions and how seniors can reduce their property tax bill.

Here was the message I received…

“I’m searching for agencies can help a senior with property taxes. the program I needed is in NY. but not in AZ. To illustrate my plight, I will keep it brief, but they are taxing me $900 a year and my income is only $9,600 SS. so I could lose my home if I don’t find some kind of assistance. Any ideas appreciated where to start looking. There is a river fund here, and I may get help there. don’t know for sure.”

Now, the question does highlight one of the important facts about the situation. The answers are going to be found locally. As the person who asked the question stated, they found the program in NY but couldn’t find it in Arizona.

So, it’s going to be tough to give an all-encompassing answer to this. But the important point to know is that help is available if you know where to look locally. And that is what I am going to try and do. Give you the steps to find out how to get help locally.

This is what I would do…

Office of the Aging

Your first stop should be to your local Office of the Aging. These are operatedlocally, normally at the county level, and are a repository to all of the local services that assist seniors. This would be the first place I would look for assistance. Because these people SHOULD know of all of the local help available.

Town/County Assessor’s Office

Ecery town has a property tax assessor’s office which collects the payments and makes the assessments on your local property taxes. If there is a local program to give you assistance off of your property taxes this would be a place to visit.

Local Politician

I would stop by the office of your local representative to the county legislator and ask for their assistance. Politicians love to help seniors so you might as well use this to your advantage.

I hope these tips help and that if you need help they give you the relief you need.

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    • Ruth Jacobs
    • September 10, 2017

    Aside from the Office for the Aging, or politicians’ offices, you might google legal services or Legal Aid Society offices and call any program that is in or near where you live in Arizona. If they can’t answer your question, maybe they can refer you to someone who can help. In New York state, going to the local assessor is a good start.

  1. Reply

    I live in Dayton ohio, and while im on homestad that reduces senior citizens property taxes, I still cant affort to pay it, any ideas what I cando or help to pay it.

      • tony
      • October 1, 2017


      Did you check with any of the suggestions I recommended?

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