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Due to the fact that my family has been noticing that Mom has started to have some difficulties hearing, and based upon the advice and recommendations of Dr. Stefanie Wolf, we decided as a family to get Mom a pocket talker for Christmas.

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Video Overview and Review of A Pocket Talker

The fulfillment through Amazon was pretty quick. So quick that I originally ordered it on December 19th, thinking it would be a birthday present for her (January 4th) but I got it on the 23rd of December.

When I first got in upon opening the box…

pocket talker


pocket talker


It seemed like the right type of device for Mom. Additionally, I did see a warning about the batteries…not to use charge non-rechargeable batteries in the device.


pocket talker


I took everything out and saw the device itself, microphone, headset, batteries and carry case.


pocket talker


Putting it together was pretty simple. But the one thing I noticed, thinking from the perspective of a senior, is that putting the batteries in was a little unwieldy.

First, you have to use a coin (I used a dime) to open the case, and it would have been very tough for a someone with arthritis to do so. I couldn’t imagine my mother being able to do it or someone who was dealing with arthritis issues.

Also, it seemed like the battery compartment was a few millimeters too short to get the batteries in properly. I managed, with a little effort, but once again there is no way my mother could do it on her own.

Once the device was powered up I tried it. The headset seemed a little small for me but when I tried the pocket talker with ear buds it worked great. I tried to adjust the headset but you really can’t, which I would say is one drawback of the device.

Eventually Mom had the same issue as the headset hurt after she wore it for a while.  So I gave her my earbuds, which made the device work effortlessly for her.

And does this pocket talker work well…almost too well.  When I first tried I put the volume setting on 2 (out of 10) and felt like I was listening to a bullhorn.

It certainly does amplify any sound it comes across. So I would be careful not to turn the volume up too much on it to start.  Start low and slowly work your way up.

Just seeing how the device worked for my own personal use I would highly recommend a pocket talker to anyone who needed some hearing assistance but couldn’t afford a hearing aid, even though there were a few quirks with the device that I mentioned above.


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