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A pharmacy discount card have been in the news as of late…and I personally feel that most of that has to do with the fact that there is a lot of confusion as to how they actually work and who can benefit from them.

So to clear up the confusion, and to show you the benefits of a pharmacy discount card (you can get yours below for free!!!) I am going to explain exactly how they work and who can benefit the most from them.   

Note:  You can click on the card below to access your free prescription drug discount card.


pharmacy discount card

Video Overview of Pharmacy Discount Cards


First of all, let me explain how the card works… 

How The Pharmacy Discount Card Works

The pharmacy discount card is a free card which, when presented to the pharmacist when ordering your medications, will help decrease the amount of money that you spend on your prescription medications. 

The card does not require to be registered or activated. You only need to show it to the pharmacist at a participating pharmacy to get the discount. 

The holders of the card (that number is in the tens of thousands throughout the country) act as if they are a union, negotiating prices. And this actually benefits the pharmacies as well due to the increased amount of business they receive by participating in the program. 

Who Can Use It 

The card can be used by anyone. While my synopsis of the card may lean towards senior citizens there are no age or income restrictions on the cards use. That means that at anytime anyone is in need of medications this pharmacy discount card can provide savings to them. 

Is The Card An Insurance Plan? 

No. This is not insurance. It only provides discounts on medications. But because it is not insurance, there are no deductibles or restrictions (like pre-existing conditions) that would accompany insurance. 

Who Can Benefit The Most Using The Card 

Because the card is not insurance, pharmacy discount cards are not valid if they are used in conjunction with insurance or with a government-sponsored health plan like Medicare Part D or Medicaid. 

The best candidates for effective use of a pharmacy discount card are those who… 

  • Have no insurance
  • Need to take a prescription that is not covered by their existing medication
  • Have to deal with a high co-payment/deductible where the discount card would offer a more economical alternative
  • Are in the Medicare “Donut Hole” 

How Much Money Can I Save? 

The savings are significant, but vary from drug to drug so there is no way to say for sure. The average is around 45% and you may save up to 80% on your medications. 

How Many Pharmacies Can I Go To? 

The card is accepted by over 63,000 pharmacies throughout the USA. And all of the larger chains accept it, such as Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid, etc…as well as most supermarkets throughout the country.

You can search by zip code by clicking here for the pharmacy nearest you. 

Does This Work For Pet Medications? 

Yes. So long as the prescription is written by a veterinarian and the pharmacy participates in the program, you will receive the same benefits off of pet medications as well. 

What’s In It For The Pharmacist 

This was the part about pharmacy discount cards that really threw me at first. Why would the pharmacy agree to give you your medications for 1/2 off? Well, there are a few compelling reasons… 

  • They make a sale they wouldn’t ordinarily make…and they are still profiting on the transaction…so they gain a customer they otherwise wouldn’t have had.
  • They get you in the store…and most pharmacies today sell a lot more than medications. This means that their participation in the pharmacy discount card program allows them to sell more of the other items they sell. 

How Do I Get My Card? 

That’s easy. You can download and print it out by clicking here

More Questions?

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