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To help guide those who might be new to my site, I have taken the liberty of listing my most popular pages.

This is the information that seniors and their caregivers need most…and it is listed below.



Free Dentures and Dental Care

Free Cell Phones For Seniors

Government and Financial Assistance To Seniors

Hearing Aids For Seniors…and Cost Effective Alternatives

Free Dental Care for Seniors Listed By State


Join Our Facebook Caregiver Support Group to get access to special trainings to assist you in your caregiving journey

Free Glasses

Free Medic Alert System

Free Diapers

Free Wheelchair

Caregiving Products for Caregivers

Clocks for Seniors

Free Stuff For Seniors

Get Started With

Consumer Cellular

How To Apply For Medicaid

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    • Kerry Archer-Shee
    • June 21, 2017

    Hi there, I’m just wondering if any of information also includes help in Canada

      • tony
      • June 22, 2017


      All of the information here is US-based.

        • jeffrey korn
        • August 22, 2017

        Carrie is there a phone number I could call to inquire about getting a free refrigerator I am on disability

          • tony
          • August 24, 2017
    • Gay Kauf
    • October 21, 2017

    Can you please tell me if there’s any place that will help with dentures I am disabled and the set I had were 20 years old and I went to brush them and both broke in half I don’t have a clue on how to get any place that will help I moved here in June to help my son who is a single dad with two kids.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      • tony
      • October 21, 2017


      Above you will see my most popular page is “Free and Low-Cost Dental Options” start there

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