Monthly Pill Organizer

Every year, thousands of senior citizens that are placed in long term care nursing homes because they did not know to take the right medication at the right time. Mix-ups in taking medication are extremely dangerous. A medication monthly pill organizer, reminder and organizer can help to prevent many life-threatening mistakes.

They help remind your loved one to take the right medication at the right time. Reminders to take medication are an important piece of information any aging senior place plan.

The medication monthly pill organizer reminder is a pill organizer that reminds your loved one when they should take their medication.

The monthly pill organizer dispenser is easy to set up. There are compartments, one for each dose.

The monthly pill organizer locks until it is time for your loved one to take a dose. When it is time, the compartment can be easily opened so your senior can access their pills.

What are the benefits of the monthly pill organizer?

monthly pill organizer

Reminds Your Senior to Take Their Medication

  • Once your senior gets up and begins their day, they may get distracted by daily life.
  • This means they may forget to take their meds.
  • With monthly pill organizer, your loved one is reminded to take their pills.
  • No more forgetting to take important dosages.

Prevents Errors

  • It can be easy for seniors to take the wrong meds or even skip doses.
  • Monthly pill organizer can prevent this from happening.
  • There is nothing your senior has to read or figure out.
  • They just simply need to take the pills in the compartment.

monthly pill organizer

Your monthly pill organizer

  • 31 Days of Meds, All in One Place
  • The monthly pill organizer has 32 compartments (one for each day of the month, plus an extra)
  • Each of these compartments are big enough to fit multiple pills of any shape or size.

Again labels on pill bottles and other medication dispensers are often difficult to read
for your senior’s aging eyes. A monthly pill organizer medication dispenser eliminates the
need for your loved one to read that small print.

The monthly medication pill organizer is designed with ease of use in mind.
Your senior takes the meds inside the compartment. It’s as simple as that.

compartment size for monthly pill organizer
compartment size for monthly pill organizer


  • With the monthly pill organizer, you can customize how you use it to suit your needs.
  • There are 32 pill compartments, one for each day plus an additional one. That means that each dose can be different.
  • The monthly pill organizer pill compartments can put a large variety of pills in all shapes and sizes.

With all of their pills in one place, it will be easy for your loved one to take the correct medication.

Be Proactive

  • By giving your loved one monthly pill organizer, you are also giving them greater health and independence.
  • Help them age in place with the right tools to help them stay safe and healthy.
  • Don’t wait until after an accident happens. Be proactive and get your senior a medication monthly pill organizer.
  • This will save you and your loved one time, energy, and trips to the hospital.
    Help them maintain their independence and safety with the monthly pill organizer.

Product description

  • The monthly pill organizer allows Medication to be corresponding to the week of the month.
  • Organize all your medications for an entire month at one time.
  • Convenient, time saving unit ends confusion of which pills to take throughout the day.
  • Ideal for home or travel with large wells and easy to read labeling for each day.
  • Plastic Approx. Dimensions: 8″ L X 6″ W X 1.5″ D
  • Each compartment is about 1x1x1 monthly pill organizer is top rack dishwasher safe.
  • Each compartment holds 25 aspirin tablets. 1 compartment per day format for 4 weeks/28 Days Labeled “Sunday Week 1”, “Monday Week1”, “Tuesday Week 1” etc. for 4 weeks. Braille markings included. Entire lid pops off for cleaning.

This monthly pill organizer is ideal for sorting tablets up to one month in advance.
The individual compartments are all brightly coloured and marked clearly with the date.
Each section has a separate flip up lid for AM and PM tablets. The monthly pill organizer has compartments which are easy and tidy for storage.


  • Convenient monthly pill organizer is perfect for arranging medication 7 days in advance!
  • Time-of-day compartments make monthly pill organizer management simple & precise.
  • Also comes with braille symbols for days of the week and the hours of the day for those who have difficulty with their eyesight.


  • Thee enclosure for this pill holder makes it easier to open and close.
  • The binder is unlike other snap closures of most other pill cases.
  • Plus it ensures the pill box doesn’t fly open during travel.
  • Just one of the many features like the thicker plastic and redesigned insert card we designed into the monthly pill organizer case from our years of experience as caregivers. Stuff Seniors Need believes that seniors are our most precious resource and this monthly pill organizer case helps us take care of that resource.


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    This is a good pill box.

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