Male UTI Symptoms

As a caregiver, I know a little about male UTI symptoms (urinary tract infection). My father has been plagued by them off and on for years.

So with that knowledge of what he went through, asking him about it and also remembering first hand the pain he was going through, I wanted to write about the male UTI symptoms so that if you are experiencing any of these symptoms you can get yourself properly checked out.

And also, I will hit on some of the related illnesses you may experience as a result of getting a UTI.

Note: these types of infections are more common in women, however, in this article I will be focusing on male UTI symptoms…

Back Painmale UTI symptoms

My father experienced a fair amount of pain in his lower back as a result of the UTI. This actually ended up being caused not so much by a UTI but because of kidney stones and the resulting kidney stone laser surgery to remove the stones, which wasn’t a bad process, just time consuming.

I list it here because Male UTI symptoms can ultimately lead to kidney stones, one of those related illnesses so you need to be aware of this.

Strong Urge To Urinate

If you are someone who is constantly going to the bathroom, then this is one of the Male UTI symptoms to strongly watch out for. Frequent urination could also be associated with an enlarged prostate, which pushes against the bladder and creates less volume for urine to collect, causing the frequent urination.

Burning and Tingling Sensation During Urination

You will either feel this, or not. If you are peeing and feel as though you are on fire on the inside, then you probably have a urinary tract infection.

Cloudy Urine & Strong Odor

It is the cloudy urine that is more symptomatic of Male UTI symptoms than the strong odor. Certain foods, such as asparagus, can cause strong odor in your urine. This is because asparagus contains an amino acid that humans can’t metabolize.

Urine is normally clear (if you are hydrated) or yellow (if you are not). Imagine then, if you water down milk to a large extent. That is the type of cloudy urine that is one of the male UTI symptoms you would be looking for.

Other Urinary Issues

There are two other male UTI symptoms to address…

  • Blood in urine (hematuria)
  • Trouble urinating, especially with prostate issues (as I mentioned above)

The good news is that most UTI’s can be treated with antibiotics, and the symptoms clear up within 1-2 days of taking the prescribed medications.

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