What To Look For In A Weekly Pill Organizer with Case

If you take medication and are on the go, then you might be asking yourself what to look for in a weekly pill organizer with case.  There are so many on the market now with varying prices and quality.  So, which one should you choose and which would best fit your needs.  Because I have a lot of experience in this, and have designed my own weekly pill case, I am going to take the time to walk you through what your options are and show you what you need to be on the lookout for.

What Features Should You Look For In a Weekly Pill Organizer With Case?

There are definitely some features you should be thinking about…

What Type of Case

Generally, there are two types of cases to consider…the plastic one and the faux leather design.


Weekly Pill Organizer with Case - plastic

Faux Leather Case

Weekly Pill Organizer with Case - faux leather


This is really a personal preference.  The one advantage to the faux leather case is that it does provide an extra layer of protection during shipping.  But this question really comes down to a matter of style.

Rainbow or Clear

The next feature to consider in your weekly pill organizer with case is whether you want the individual compartments to be clear or have the rainbow coloring like the pictures of the two organizers above.

Here is an example of the clear one…


I have to say in all honesty I HATE the clear design.  The rainbow design aids in dealing with confusion to make sure you are taking the right pills on the right day.

Snap or Velcro Closure

Most weekly pill organizers with case come with a snap closure of the pill case, as shown below…


This can be difficult for people with arthritis to close the pill case properly.  This is why the pill case that I designed has a Velcro closure, making it much easier to open and close…


Tray or No Tray

Every other weekly pill organizer with case on the market makes it difficult to put the compartments back inside the plastic case.

The pill case I designed is the only one on the market that features a tray to easily allow you to put the entire pill tray back.


The tray also makes it very easy to move individual compartments for loading and unloading of pills.


Generic or Customized Insert Card

Almost all of the pill cases I saw on the market had a fairly generic insert card…

When I looked at it, my first thoughts were…

  • Where is the spot for the blood type?
  • Where is the spot for their allergies?
  • Where is the list of their medications?

These are all important things that a 1st responder needs to know, and also things that the other insert cards didn’t discuss.

That’s why I made sure to add them to my insert card…


This is far more efficient and carries far more information than traditional insert cards.

How Big Do You Need Your Weekly Pill Organizer with Case To Be?

For the vast majority of people who are seeking a small Weekly Pill Organizer with Case the “traditional size” will do.  This will be ideal for travel or for putting in your purse.  What is the traditional size?

Something like this…

The size of the pill case, with the faux leather case, is around 8” at maximum.  This is good for the vast majority of people out there.

The one problem comes if you are taking large medications or supplements (like fish oil) or take a lot of medications.  In this instance, this case is too small for you.

This is why I custom designed an extra larger pill case, one that can hold 9 fish oil pills per container.

9 fish oil pills per compartment extra large travel pill case

This case is larger, as I demonstrate in this “explainer video”.

And this is why I designed both my smaller as well as the extra-large Weekly Pill Organizer with Case the way I did.  To take a product that was needed in the market but has a bunch of little things that could be done to make it far better for the end user.

And that’s exactly what I did.

You can purchase these from my Amazon store.


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