Free Walkers For Seniors

Despite the fact that they are not expensive (you can pick up a walker for around $40) finding free walkers for seniors is an understandable concern due to the fact that many seniors cannot afford them, even if a cheap one is around $40.


Free walkers … or rollators, which is a walker with wheels on it…aid in seniors maintaining their independence and avoiding injury due to falls at the same time.


Now, to assist you in find a free walker or rollator, I am going to give you a few ideas that will help you accomplish this.


First of all, I have listed quite a few organizations that help seniors with mobility assistance on my “free wheelchairs for seniors” blog post [the link will open in a separate window to keep you on this page as well].   


However, due to the disparity in costs, walkers are cheaper and as  a result there are a few other options you should consider that I list below.



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Office of the Aging


I would start any search with a call to my local Office of the Aging.  This is the government office, at both the county and state level, that provides assistance to seniors for a variety of services.


Now, they probably will not have free walkers for you, but they might be able to help you in locating a charity or organization that can assist you.


Lion’s Club


The Lion’s Club is a local organization of business leaders who can assist those in need in the community.  The advantage to contacting the Lion’s Club is that they have their ‘ears to the ground’ in the local community and may know not only organizations but individuals looking to donate used equipment such as walkers and wheelchairs to those in need.




I would check the local Goodwill thrift shop to see if they have a walker or rollator.  While it may not be free, because you are getting it from a charitable organization you can be assured that you will be getting at the lowest possible price.


Hospitals and Nursing Homes


This may or not work out for you but my idea is worth a shot.  Call and few hospitals and nursing homes in your area and ask them what they do with their used equipment.  Is it still in working order?  Is it available for donation?


More to the point, even if the equipment isn’t fit for donation they may know of a local group that may be able to help you.


All of these ideas are meant for one purpose, to alleviate the suffering of seniors and help them to maintain their independence.  If you have any other ideas feel free to insert them below.




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15 Responses to “Free Walkers For Seniors”

  1. Many local senior centers offer exchange programs where you can pickup a walker or rollator cheap or for free. Hope this helps.

    • admin says:


      I didn’t think to list that. I will make sure to add it to my “free walkers” page. Thanks for the tip and if you have any others by all means feel free to keep them coming.

      • Elizabeth Cobb says:

        Hi I’m looking for a walker with a seat n wheels for my mom she had to have her leg ampertated and she just moved into a new apartment and the bathroom doesn’t accommodate her wheel so she can’t get in the bathroom and we came up with the idea if she gets a walker with wheels and a seat on it she can wheel herself n the bathroom instead of having to use the potty chair in her living room and she can also get in the shower so if you can help us out with this situation cause we doesn’t have the extra money to buy one by the way we live in racine wi

  2. your’re welcome. Thanks, I’ll help where I can.

  3. Andy says:

    This is a very helpful post. I hope a lot of elder and/or their caretakers who are in need get to see this. Another suggestion that I have is to elaborate on discounts that the elderly can get on walker or rollator purchases and good places to get them.

  4. Mr Ken Booysen says:

    Good morning,

    My sister-in-law is 82 years old an is really in need of a Walker with wheels.Gladly I am willing to give a donation
    Thank you Kindly
    Kind Regrds
    Ken Boousen

  5. Ms Brooks says:

    My ex-sister-in law need a walker that works (one with wheels and rubber guards). She lives in Wash DC. If you would have one I would be happy to make a reasonable donation for it.

    • Tony Rovere says:

      Ms. Brooks,

      I don’t operate a warehouse where I have such equipment.

      The best bet is to contact the local Office of the Aging where your sister in law lives to see if they know a local resource.

  6. Cheryl says:

    Just an fyi- goodwill is not a charitable organization they are privately owned and do not donate any money to any charities. Salvation Army is a charitable organization.

  7. Tony Rovere says:


    You can use the resources that are outlined on this page, or you can send me your exact location so I can do a search for you for local resources.

    Warm Regards,

    Tony Rovere

  8. Susan F says:

    Looking for a 4 wheeled walker for 92 yr old lady in good condition.Current one is shot ….live in Charlotte NC area.Willing to make a donation or can exchange a 3 wheeled one no longer able to use.

  9. Mr. Robin Rodriguez says:

    I am a disabled 58 yr old that is looking for a walker that has the Lil seat on it being I can’t walk for long distances, I live in Orange County Ca. & if you have any tips they would be highly appreciated “Thank you”F

    • Tony Rovere says:


      That actually is a rollator that you are looking for, with the seat on it. My 1st guess would be to reach out to your local Office of the Aging for assistance in locating any local resources that might be of assistance.

      Warm Regards

      Tony Rovere

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