Free Telephone Service For Seniors

I recently got an email from the caregiver of a senior asking free telephone service for seniors.


Actually, it is surprising how many options are available.  Now, I have written about them previously so I am not going to just repeat myself here, but what I am going to do is use this blog post to direct you to this information.


First of all, let’s talk about home phone service for seniors.  And for that, we are talking about the LifeLine and Link Up programs


As far as cell phones go, just go to my free cell phones for seniors page for all of the information regarding the SafeLink and Assurance Wireless programs.


And always remember, if you have any questions, need any help or if you would like to add to add to the information here, feel free to fill in the box below or you can always contact me.




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11 Responses to “Free Telephone Service For Seniors”

  1. Fran says:

    My question is: My husband and myself get social security, but our income is very very small. We have money in the bank, which we are slowly withdrawing to live. Does having money in the bank, but receiving a very small income still allow you to apply for these services, such as; pharmaceutical.
    Thank you Fran

    • Tony Rovere says:


      It would depend upon the amount of money we are discussing and the state that you live in. As an example, Medicaid is a joint Federal/State program so there are actually 50 different sets of rules and regulations.

      Here is what I would do….

      1) Contact your local Office of the Aging. Ask to set a time with a benefits counselor and see what is available for you based upon your income.
      2) You mentioned pharmaceutical assistance. The benefit counselor may know of something else but in the meantime print out my prescription discount card at

      You will get a 50-85% discount off of the cost of your medications through the use of this card.

      And then I would follow-up on the information the benefit counselor gave you. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me at

  2. Fran says:

    I also would like to know about free telephone service for seniors

  3. Nina Rehbeger says:

    I’m looking for landline phone service for free for

  4. Glenn Smith says:

    Tony, I’m a senior with a small s.s.check. After paying rent and utility’s, I’ve got about $35.00 a month left for groceries & other household neccessities; no cable, phones, or computer. I’m looking to get a free landline phone, which I think should be available for all seniors. Can you help me out? Thank you! Glenn

  5. Donald duane Howard says:

    Iam senior on ssdi $1207 month would like 2 know where I can apply 4 free land line phone live in pekin I’ll. 61554 disable do t get out

  6. Nabila Nassar-Mano says:

    My sister and I are taking care of our 84 yr old mom who has diminsha( not sure how its spelled) she gets only $650 a mo in social security and has a little in the bank which she uses to pay for things her check doesnt cover this money is shrinking and we are not rich people so once that money is gone I really don’t know what we will do, we havent been able to hire anyone to look after mom bc we were told that we would have to use her money to pay for in home care and when thats gone then the government will step in that just doesnt seem right to me bc there is no way she will be able to survive on $650 a month is there any other way we can at least get in home care 2 or 3 days a week without using the little bit of money she has left and putting the money in someone else’s name is not an option bc of trust issues, finally who offers home phone service for less than $49 a mo. All want u to bundle and my mom barely remembers how to turn the tv on so we really dont need cable either but my sister says thats the only way to get even the local channels, right now we are paying Time Warner $100 mo for phone and cable which is outragous, please help,my mom lives in La Verne, Ca. If that helps any.
    Thank You
    Nabila Mano

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