Free Diapers For Seniors

I got an email from a reader requesting information about free diapers for seniors.  And to that end, I research the topic for them and am also posting the results for all of my readers in this blog post.


And what I came up with is both good and bad.


The good news is that as a senior suffering from incontinence, there are plenty of manufacturers of adult diapers who would be willing to send you a few sample of their product.


The problem is that the samples will not last forever and eventually will run out.


Therefore, as I research this topic, I am going to provide you with as comprehensive a list as possible of manufacturers of incontinence products that provide free samples to seniors.


I will also be writing another post at a later date about the places where you can get incontinence products at the best possible prices so be sure to check back for updates.




Video Overview of Free Diapers for Seniors





Manufacturers That Provide Free Diapers Samples

free diapers



In addition, as I was going through the information I noticed there were several local organizations, such as the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona, that will provide their services on a local basis.


So while it may be difficult to come up with a permanent solution when looking for free diapers for seniors, it is entirely possible to find samples from multiple companies where you can get free incontinence products such as free diapers for seniors. 




You Need To Buy The Diapers


If, after getting free samples, you find that you need to purchase the adult diapers, where do you find them?  The first and most obvious answer is from the original supplier of the free diaper sample.  


Next, I would definitely try Amazon for several reasons…


  • They have every supplier of adult diapers
  • They have every possible size of adult diaper you may need
  • They sell in bulk and as a result you can buy enough to get the free shipping option





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2 Responses to “Free Diapers For Seniors”

  1. Georgeanna atkins says:

    Thank you very much for the information, Manufacturers That Provide Free Diaper Samples,

  2. John Taranowski says:

    It’s just not the seniors that need help but middle age people also. I am 44 and on ssdi. I have been incontinent since 06. It is hard for me to afford my diapers also. It is crazy how much the price of a good adult diaper is.
    There are some places that if you have a persciption for them they will absorb the cost of shipping. I have also found for me that tranquility ATN’s are great for the price.

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