Free Dental Care in Wyoming

My first task when seeking out free dental care in Wyoming was for me to check with the Wyoming Dental Association.

When I sought out assistance from them, I didn’t get a reply however.

So I went to their website, and checked the public resource section.

I quickly saw two separate sets of links that would interest us…one labeled “Government Programs” and the other listing “Community Health Centers”

Free Dental Care in Wyoming

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First, let’s explore the government programs section. There I found two listings of interest.

The first highlighted the “Marginal Dental Program” and the second the “Senior Dental Program”.

Marginal Dental ProgramĀ 

This program exists from low income families with children. Families are only eligible for services once every third year and need to hit eligibility requirements.

Senior Dental Program

Other than giving the contact information to request an application there was no information listed about the program, the services it offers and any eligibility requirements.

Therefore the only thing Wyoming residents can do is dial (307) 777-7945 and request information.

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