Free Dental Care in Wisconsin

My first stop in looking for free dental care in Wisconsin was to reach out to the Wisconsin Dental Association for assistance.

I didn’t get a reply to my email, so I next went to their website. Even though I cliecked around for a bit I couldn’t find anything to help me.

And that is surprising, because most state dental associations I have visited have some type of “public resource” section listed prominently on the homepage.

So with nothing to find there, my next attempt to find resources for free dental care in Wisconsin was through government resources…and there were several to access.

Free Dental Care in Wisconsin

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Both resources came from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

The first was a pdf file listing the free and reduced rate clinics by county.

You can view it here

The only problem with the list is that it doesn’t specify whether or not each clinic listed is “free” or “reduced fee”. Additionally,
there was no listing of whether or not a particular clinic would help seniors…or only children (which has been common as I have done this type of search for all 50 states).

The best thing I can tell you is to use the chart, call the nearest clinic, and explain your situation. From there you can find out whether that clinic can help you or not.

The second resource (click here to view it) lists 9 specific resources to help low income people from Wisconsin to find free dental care.

Some are only for children (like the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile) but there are enough resources that seniors that seniors can access there.

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    • LeAnn Addleman
    • September 1, 2016

    Thank you so much for all you research and the information you have given. Unfortunately, I am in Wisconsin and there just doesn’t seem to be a whole lot available for those of us who work but don’t make much money, those of us who are not quite retirement age, have no insurance or credit cards. I have been emailing local dentist offices, received one reply so far that they do not do reduced fee or free service at all. I am still in need of dentures and don’t really know what I can do to afford to have the work done. If you come up with any other resources, please post it or email directly.


    1. Reply


      Try these two links here…

      Instead of emailing you will have to call but it seems that help is available.

      Warm Regards

      Tony Rovere

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