Free Dental Care in West Virginia

My first stop to seek out free dental care in West Virginia was to visit the West Virginia Dental Association and email them for assistance.

I never received a reply to my inquiry, so I started searching around their website for information.

Unfortunately, their website leaves a lot to be desired. There was no information at all in any form of a “public resources” or “public assistance” page available.

And no listings besides the typical “Find-A-Dentist” and “Contact Us” box, which I had previously tried and didn’t get a response for.

So I knew that if I was going to find help it wasn’t going to be here.

Free Dental Care in West Virginia

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Fortunately there were a few other resources out there to assist those in West Virginia seeking free dental care.

WV Health Right

This is a dental clinic located in East Charleston. WV Health Right’s dental clinic does not offer cosmetic dentistry.
To find out more about dental care call Camille Arceneaux, Dental Coordinator, at 304-414-5915.

West Virginia Medicaid

I checked the West Virginia Bureau of Medical Services but didn’t see any direct information that you may be able to use to assist yourself.

The best option is to contact Medicaid and see if they can help with your situation.

West Virginia Advocates

Of all the resources I sought out, this was the best. This website had listings of 4 types of services.

  • Low Cost Dental Care
  • Dental Clinics
  • Department of Oral Health
  • WVU Dental School


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    • rebecca ellison
    • March 11, 2016

    I live in wv I need dentures so bad that I can’t ware my bottom one they are crooked have cracked places and hurt to bad to ware I can only eat soft food

    1. Reply

      Did you contact WV Health Right? Medicaid? West Virginia Advocates?

      What did they say?

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