Free Dental Care In Utah



Of all of the states that I have researched so far, Utah seems to have the most resources of free dental care available, as well as has these resources organized in the best manner.

First of all, they have a 19 page report outlining all of the free dental resources available.

These resources are listed in both county order as well as statewide resources.

The report is extensive and includes free dental care in Utah for seniors as well as children and those on Medicaid.

The best way for you to go about finding the best resources for you is for you to go through the report, look for the local resources closest to you and then contact them to see how they can help you.

You can download the report by clicking here.


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    • Steve Hawke
    • July 7, 2017

    I need dentures and I’m poor and a senior at the age of 63

      • tony
      • July 10, 2017

      The Utah dental resource guide is here…

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