Free Dental Care in Texas

When I went to look for free dental care in Texas, the first thing I did was send an email to the Texas Dental Association.

What they did was forward my email to Texas Donated Dental Services, but I never heard back from them.

As a result, I started my search there…

Free Dental Care in Texas

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Texas Donated Dental Services

According to their website…

Texas Donated Dental Services (TXDDS) is a charity dental program operated since November 2000. Developed by the National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped (NFDH), TXDDS uses volunteer dentists and labs to provide comprehensive dentistry to qualified individuals who cannot access care any other way.

The problem is that at the moment they are not accepting new applications due to the high demand.1

However, this wouldn’t stop me from recommending that you put the application in anyway. 

They did, however, list a few other resources that may be of help that you can access here

Texas HHSC

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission would be the next resource I would look at. Unfortunately, in looking at their website it is somewhat confusing so I would recommend contacting them with your specific inquiry in order t seek out help.

In addition, I would remind you to look at my “free dental care” page which lists national resources that are available for all Americans.




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    Hi My name is Pam. I am a diabled widow and am in constant pain from broken teeth rotten teeth and constantly deal with abscess teeth and infection. I am raising two grandchildten on 750.00 a month. My health is affected by my teeth and my desire is to SMILE before I die.

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    I have Medicare with Medicade. I cant find a Dentist to accept me. Please help me to smile.

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    Trying to find dentures for my brother. His gums don’t close all the way so sometimes eatigida problem sometimes. He is a senior with COPD and pancreas problems.

      • tony
      • October 23, 2017


      The resources are above. Also, try here:

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