Free Dental Care in Tennessee

I just received an email inquiry seeking help to find free dental care in Tennessee.

So to that end, my first stop was to check with the Tennessee Dental Association.

I emailed them for assistance but they never got back to me.

Then I checked their website and unlike most websites of state dental associations I did not see anything relating to any free or reduced-fee services for seniors and low-income individuals to receive the care they needed.

Free Dental Care in Tennessee


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Fortunately there are a few other resources available.

The best one that I found was listed by the Tennessee Department of Health, which has a complete listing of all of the free clinics that are available in Tennessee.

According to their website…

“Public health dental clinics provide clinical dental services to segments of the population that would otherwise not receive care.

Dental facilities housed within local health departments are located in 54 of 89 rural counties and in five of the six metropolitan regions.

Clinical dental services are provided on a part-time or full-time basis, depending on the location. Specific information on availability of services or eligibility guidelines can be obtained from the local health department in the county of interest.

Three mobile dental clinics located in the Mid-Cumberland, Northeast, and West Tennessee Regions have been operating this year in an effort to provide access to dental services for high risk children in under-served areas.”

You can access the list here and if you have questions the contact information for all of the regional directors can be found here.

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    • Monica Byas
    • February 12, 2015

    I am in desperation mode. My husband has several abcesses in his mouth due to meds rotting his teeth from the inside out. He is a Navy Veteran and gets his healthcare through the VA but they will not cover any dental work. They keep just writing him antibiotics over and over again. He has pulled one OLD cap off with needle nose pliers and is trying to pull them out because we cannot get any assistance (even the free clinic wants to charge him $100 per tooth and won’t touch him with any infection). He is in severe pain and the ER will not even see him. Please advise me as to what I can do. I’m at a total loss.

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      I am so sorry to hear and I feel terrible after hearing about the free clinic. Many of the programs I discuss on this page do take some time o a waiting list for you to receive the services.

      Here is my advice…

      First, try the state of Tennessee Office of the Aging to see what help they can offer…

      Second, because it seems that time is of the essence try the University of Tennessee Dental College…

      I don’t know what they will change but the services here definitely will be cheaper than from a regular doctor.

      The University Dental practice is located at…

      875 Union Ave.
      Memphis, TN 38163
      Phone: (901) 448-6476

        • Monica Byas
        • February 12, 2015

        I appreciate your reply. We live in Chattanooga TN so driving to Memphis is not an option. We are on a very tight budget and a fixed income. We have recently obtained custody of our 2 year old autistic granddaughter so that pretty ties up any extra $ there is (and that isn’t much!). I will try to contact TN Office of the Ageing. Thank you for caring.

    • clara
    • November 8, 2015

    In need of information on how to get dentures my sister is fixing to have her last 11 teeth cut out and is very self conscience and worried about going with out teeth. Any information for free or low income denture making we live in greeneville tn.

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      I found this resource for you…

      There are 35 clinics in Tennessee that offer free or reduced fee dental services in Tennessee.

      You will have to look through them all to find the ones that are close to you but this should be a start for your search.

      Warm Regards,

      Tony Rovere

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