Free Dental Care in Pennsylvania

My first stop to seek out free dental care in Pennsylvania was to visit the Pennsylvania Dental Association and email them for assistance.

I never received a reply to my inquiry, so I started searching around their website for information.

When there, the first thing I did was looked at the “public” tab…and there were several items there that will be of interest to us.

Free Dental Care in Pennsylvania

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The first was the dental clinic directory

In it, you will find a list by county. But the list does come with a caveat…not all of the clinics listed are free. The clinics vary as to whether they offer reduced fee or free services.  Not all clinics offer free services. Please read the clinic descriptions carefully and contact the clinics with any questions.

The next program of interest offered by the Pennsylvania Dental Association is the Senior Dental Care Program.   The program is a reduced-fee service for those with limited incomes. Participating referral dentists offer a minimum discount of 15 percent off their usual fees for patients who meet the program’s basic requirements. In order to be eligible, a patient must fulfill all of the following requirements…

  • Pennsylvania resident.
  • Age 65 or older.
  • Not be receiving federal, state or other dental health assistance.
  • Not have private dental insurance.
  • Have a total annual household income of less than $14,500 for a single person or less than $17,700 for a married couple.

If you meet the criteria you can fill out an application to apply.

Pennsylvania Medicaid

Through the Pennsylvania Oral Health Program, there are other resources that low-income seniors can access.
Some of them, such as the dental clinics, I outlined above. Others, such as the Pennsylvania Association of Community Health Centers (PACHC) may also be able to provide assistance.



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    • Margaret Humphrey
    • April 28, 2015

    I have moved to Carlisle Cumberland County Pennsylvania and I would like information on where I can contact for free seniors dental care here. I am 74 years old and my only income is Social Security. Please help.

    1. Reply


      Contact your local Office of the Aging for Carlisle Cumberland County and start your search there…

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