Free Dental Care in Oregon

As I have sought out to find the local resources for free dental care and dentures, I email the state dental associations of all 50 states looking for help in finding these free (or low cost) services.

Unfortunately, when I emailed the Oregon Dental Association, I didn’t get a reply.

So I started searching on my own.

Their website does have several resources that can assist seniors (and other low income individuals) in finding free dental care.

Free Dental Care Oregon

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So let’s first look at the resources offered through the Oregon Dental Association…

First, there is an in-depth listing of low-cost or free clinics you can access here

There is a link to apply for the Oregon Health Plan if you are enrolled yet, plus a listing of the services that are offered, locations those services are offered as well as any restrictions that may be in place (for example some of the free clinics only take children). But this is the first place to start.

Mission of Mercy

The Oregon Mission of Mercy is traveling road show that takes place once a year where people without dental insurance can receive care
from dentists who volunteer their time to assist those in need.

It should be noted that while the services provided are free these are on a first-come, first-served basis so you will need to get there early and might wait on line a while.

Oregon Medicaid

There is at least some coverage of dental care through Medicaid, though it is possible it may be expanding.

The problem is that the Affordable Care Act is changing the medical landscape and therefore it is possible many of the programs could be changing.

My best advice would be to contact the state Medicaid office explain the situation and let them guide you from there.

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    • nancy
    • August 4, 2017

    any updates? need senior dentures

      • tony
      • August 8, 2017


      I took a look at your comment and realized there was a broken link on the page. The resource moved.

      Here is the new link…

      Warm Regards

      Tony Rovere

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