Free Dental Care in Ohio

I had previously had success getting a subscriber free dental care in Ohio (see the comments on my “free dental care” page) so I knew when it came time to write about Ohio programs to assist low-income individuals with dental care I would have success.

My first step was to write to the Ohio Dental Association. And they referred me to this interactive database

By plugging in the appropriate information you can find a clinic close to you, based upon your medical parameters. Then contact them to determine if you meet their eligibility requirements.

Free Dental Care in Ohio

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But there are other options available to you…

Dental Options

This is the program that a subscriber to this site previously had success with. The mission of OPTIONS is to assist Ohioans with special health care needs and/or financial barriers to obtain dental care.

There are a few stipulations to the program…

  • Dental OPTIONS is not an emergency program.
  • Only a few types of dental procedures are provided.
  • Fees are based on your income and certain health conditions. You must be able to pay some money at the time of each appointment. If you do not have any income or other money, you will not be able to apply

Here is the link to the application page:

These are the two best options for you to find free dental care in Ohio.



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