Free Dental Care in North Dakota

My first step in seeking out free dental care in North Dakota was to contact the North Dakota Dental Association.

I emailed them but didn’t hear back. So the next step was to check out their website.

When I went there, I checked out the “Dental Resources” tab and this is where I found the first resources for help.

On that page, there were two resources that could help low income seniors in North Dakota get free dental care.

Free Dental Care in North Dakota

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The first lists 3 public health clinics that offer free or discounted services to seniors. You can access the list here

The other was the Donated Dental Services program in North Dakota. Thee are volunteer dentists who offer their services free of charge. If you wish to contact them for requirements, wait times, eligibility, etc…the administrator’s information is below…

Coordinator information:
Marilyn Craig
1800 15th St, Ste 100
Denver, CO 80202
Fax: 512-829-4109

North Dakota Medicaid

As far as other help through Medicaid for low-income seniors, North Dakota puts together a list of services and locations in this 7 page pdf document

In looking through it, it has all of the contact information and eligibility requirements you need in order to apply for the benefits you need.

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    • Audrey Yell
    • February 16, 2016

    I am trying to get information on sliding scale or senior discount dental care. If you can help me, I would apprieate it. I am retired and have no dental insurance. I live in ND, but am able to go elsewhere for treatment. Thank you for your help,

    1. Reply


      This link here provides sliding scale services for clinics in North Dakota. Did you try and contact them?

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