Free Dental Care in North Carolina

When I first searched for free dental care in North Carolina, my first stop was to seek the assistance of the N.C. Dental Association. As the representative dental agency in the state, they would know firsthand of any programs available.

So when I emailed them, this was the response that I received…

“We have a program called the NC MOM (free 2 day dental clinic throughout the state) that could possibly help with your problem. To view the schedule and find other useful information about the clinics, click here.  

Another option might be contacting Donated Dental Services (available for disabled and/or senior citizens, must qualify), however this is not a quick process and if you need something sooner, contacting a Safety Net Clinic (sliding scale fee) in your area by following this link.  

If I can be of further assistance please feel free to contact me, and I wish you the best of luck in your search.”

So this was a pretty good starting point…

Free Dental Care in North Carolina

NC flag


North Carolina Mission of Mercy

The first thing the email mentioned were the traveling road shows where dentists volunteer their time.

In looking at the schedule, there are only three events scheduled for the year…and one of those was a “Children’s Only Clinic”. So while this is a start it also isn’t necessarily ideal.

Donated Dental Services

In conjunction with the North Carolina Dental Society, Donated Dental Services (DDS) provides services to the elderly with limited financial resources to pay for these services. There are stipulations…no cosmetic dentistry, emergencies or cleanings…and you have to meet financial requirements as well, but you can contact Jennifer E Gillette, the NC DDS Coordinator, 877-650-9001.

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

The NCDHHS maintains a list of dentists who accept Medicaid at their website. The list is by county and I have to say that it is an extensive list.

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    • John M. Donadio
    • November 2, 2014

    November 02, 2014
    Greetings Tooth Fairies,
    I am a Senior citizen who is on SS Disability, and a Special Education teacher forced into retirement after 30 years. I am also an Ordained Pastor, who tries to help couples who would like to be married in God’s presence. These are usually people who are being remarried, or have families coming into the Union(children.) I do this as my gift to the couples in an effort to give them a memorable ceremony and a more concrete foundation. This is also my gift to my Savior, in gratitude for all that He does daily for me. I have a broken Partial Denture(bottom,) for the past 12 years, and yesterday two of my small teeth on the plate broke off in Wal-Mart, while I was leaning over the refrigerated Deli section, where the 2 teeth fell out into the cooler. After removing all of the salads, sandwiches, etc., and after about 90 minutes, I found them under the rack/shelving at the bottom. My students would always laugh when the loose, 3/4 plate, protruded from my mouth if I laughed or got too excited in emphasizing a lesson, not to mention spraying Saliva if someone unintentionally invaded my personal space. I could really use any suggestion about where to seek any assistance with replacing the denture. I have always had low self esteem and am diagnosed with Depression, an Anxiety Disorder, and Hypertension. I love marrying people, but feel a little awkward & self conscious when my partial starts to slide out of my mouth. I would be most appreciative for any suggestions. Super Glue only helps so much. Believe me, as I have glued on loose caps, and broken fillings to many times to remember over the years. Bless you for your time and consideration.
    Most Respectfully yours,
    John Michael Donadio (Dona Dio)in Italian translates as: “To give freely to God.”

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      If you are looking for help in this way I would contact the North Carolina Dental Society to see if they can be of assistance…

    • gary dunn
    • March 16, 2017

    I am on a no budget, just getting by, looking for teeth cleaning FREE in Matthews NC
    Can you help or advise

      • tony
      • March 18, 2017


      If you are looking for help in this way I would contact the North Carolina Dental Society to see if they can be of assistance…

      Also, try the Office of the Aging in your county:

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