Free Dental Care in New York

My search for free dental care in New York for seniors began with an email to the NY Dental Association.

I didn’t get a reply, so I started searching their site and didn’t see a government resources or public resources section on the site…so that brought me back to square one.

But I kept searching, and came up with both Medicaid assistance through the state and the Donated Dental Services program contact information.

Free Dental Care in New York

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Donated Dental Services

There is a program entitled Donated Dental Services (DDS) which provides dental care free of charge to applicants who meet the guidelines of the program.

To see if you qualify for DDS you may contact Caroline Montero at 212-598-9000 or

There are also several dental schools in your area. They normally do not provide treatment free of charge, but their fees are usually less than a private dental office.

The dental schools are: Stony Brook University, 631-632-8989; NYU College of Dentistry, 212-998-9856; and Columbia University, 212-305-4511.

NY State Medicaid

Due to the problems of billing and getting paid by the government, there aren’t many dentists that accept Medicaid, but a few do. This means that a senior with no dental insurance may still be able to get the dental care needed…you just might have to travel to get it.

To find a dentist in your state that accepts Medicaid, contact the New York State Department of Health.

You can access the link for the NY State Department of Health here

Currently there are about 45 dentists listed that cover the entire state.  Only two dentists for Suffolk and Nassau are listed…however, if you call the Department of Health at 1-866-881-2809 they may be able to provide additional information.

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