Free Dental Care in New Hampshire

My first step in seeking out free dental care in New Hampshire was to reach out to the N.H. Dental Association.

I never received a reply to my inquiries for help, so therefore I checked their website.

When I did, I was surprised at the lack of resources available to the public. Normally there is a section about “Public Resources” or “Free or Low-Cost Services” but there was absolutely nothing there to assist the public

Free Dental Care in New Hampshire


So to that end, I needed to search out other sources for help.
NH Department of Human Services 

Twenty-one school-based dental programs and thirteen dental centers across the state offer a range of oral health services. Each program or dental center has its own eligibility rules to qualify for services.

Generally speaking the client must live in the geographic area served by the program, fulfill financial eligibility requirements and fall within the patient population age criteria determined by the dental program.

Not all of these 21 dental programs serve seniors, but you can download the pdf file here and go through the programs yourself.

New Hampshire Medicaid

The Dental Smiles program from the NH Medicaid Department only assists children, not seniors. So I have to say that New Hampshire is one of the states where the options are more limited for seniors to find free dental care than others.



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