Free Dental Care in Nevada

My first step in seeking out free dental care in Nevada was to contact the Nevada Dental Association.

I emailed them but didn’t hear back. So the next step was to check out their website.

The place I first checked was the “Patient Resources” section. And unfortunately there wasn’t all that much there.  

There were only listings for two resources for help, the UNLV School of Dental Medicine at 702-774-2400 and the CCOH – Community Coalition on Oral Health.

Free Dental Care in Nevada

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If you have any questions and if you need any help further from the Nevada Dental Association the contact number for the Executive Director is below…

Dr. Robert Talley, DDS, Executive Director
8863 W. Flamingo Rd., Suite 102
Las Vegas, NV 89147-8718
(702) 255-4211
Fax: (702) 255-3302

But that couldn’t be it. There had to be other resources that were available. And with that, I continued the search.

Nevada Medicaid

There had to be some help available, and for that I checked the Nevada Medicaid office. From their website, I looked around and I found that Nevada Medicaid only covers emergencies…and your dentist must get prior approval from Medicaid for the services to be covered.

Other Free Dental Clinics

So, I kept looking. And there were a few lists online of dental clinics that offered either free or sliding cale fees based upon your ability to pay. The lists come courtesy of and and they are listed below…



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    Excellent information! Thanks for sharing….

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