Free Dental Care in Nebraska

My first step in seeking out free dental care in Nebraska was to contact the Nebraska Dental Association.

I emailed them but didn’t hear back. So the next step was to check out their website.

And while I did not see anything related to “Public Resources” (which is where I normally look first for information) what I did see a link for “Events” and started by search there.

Nebraska Free Dental Care

Nebraska flag


From there, I saw information relating to the “Mission of Mercy” events which the Nebraska Dental Association puts on. These are events where volunteer dentists will meet and over a weekend a large number of low-income people on a first come-first served basis. The last event served about 1200 people but you still better get there early.

To find out when the next event is, go to… or call 402-476-1704.

In addition to this, I found a list of dental clinics put together by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Oral Health and Dentistry. It lists about 20 clinics throughout the state.

Of those about 12 are open to adults (the rest are for children, veterans or Native Americans).

And most of these clinics will take Medicaid for low-income seniors.



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