Free Dental Care in Montana

The first thing I did when seeking out free dental care in Montana is to reach out to the Montana Dental Association.

I emailed them for assistance but never heard back.

So step #2 was to do a thorough check of their website for resources that might be able to assist seniors in finding the free dental care they need.

And the Montana Dental Association offers two programs that can help those seeking assistance…

Free Dental Care in Montana




Of the two, one only applies to children. It is the Give Kids a Smile! Program. You can call 800-257-4988 for more information and see how to apply for services.

The other is the Donated Dental Services program. According to their website… 1

The Montana Donated Dental Services (DDS) program was established in 1997 to help some of our most disadvantaged citizens: people who are disabled, elderly, or medically compromised. The dentists volunteering for DDS donate services in their own offices. Dental laboratories also contribute services.
Since the DDS program was created, Montana dentists and dental labs have donated more that $1 million of free, comprehensive dental treatment to those who cannot afford treatment due to financial limitations associated with their age or disabilities.

Currently, nearly 150 dentists and more than 65 dental laboratories across Montana serve as volunteers for DDS. The Montana Dental Association donates office space for the program coordinator.

For more information on the Montana DDS program or to obtain an application, please contact Margaret Petrick at telephone 1-406-449-9670 or 1-888-449-9670. Or email her at

Montana Medicaid

My next step was to check for Medicaid help in Montana.

And if you look here you can see that exams, porcelains, crowns and dentures are covered by Medicaid.

In addition, I found a fantastic online fact sheet going over the Medicaid dental program along with contact information, lists of dentists, etc…You can access that file here

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