Free Dental Care in Missouri

As I began my search for free dental care in Missouri, the first thing I did was reach out to the Missouri State Dental Association.

I did receive a reply, and this is it…

“Visit our website for a listing of low income clinics – we keep all the clinics that we’re aware of online! “

So I used this as a basis to begin my search. When I went to the site recommended, I saw this disclaimer…

Free Dental Care in Missouri



“While some of the dentists who practice in these locations are Missouri Dental Association (MDA) members, the MDA is not affiliated with an of the following clinics nor does the Association maintain information on any of the lists, including fees, hours of operation or appointment availability. This listing is provided for information only”

So, I am taking that as the fact that the Missouri Dental Association cannot accurately determine what the fees are at these clinics. So what you need to do is to contact 3-4 of the closest ones to you, explain your situation and see how they can help.

Medicaid Dentists in Missouri

The Missouri Department of Social Services does maintain a list of dentists that accept Medicaid. You can use the search function by clicking here.

When I did the search, however, the system told me that there were 678 dentists in Missouri that accept Medicaid. That seemed to me to be a little high. After all, I live in NY (population 19,000,000 as opposed to 6,000,000 in Missouri) and the Department of Social Services in NY lists only 40 dentists that accept Medicaid. Now there could be differences in the laws, I understand that, but I would definitely check and make sure that the provider you are making an appointment with still accepts Medicaid.

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    • Randall Willoughby
    • January 27, 2016

    I need to find out how I can get free dental service in Missouri. Thanks, Randall

    1. Reply


      Did you click on the link in the above article?

    • Janet
    • October 6, 2017

    I’m looking for an oral surgeon that takes medicaid I also have humans gold but it don’t cover an oral surgeon
    I’m on a fix income an looking for one in independence Missouri an I’ll need denture also can so can you help me here

    thank you
    Janet Reppy

      • tony
      • October 7, 2017


      I just completed a training about finding local sources of low-cost dental care in my private Facebook group for seniors and caregivers.

      Here is the link to join the group:

      And here is the link to the training:

      Warm Regards

      Tony Rovere

      P.S. As far as finding a medicaid dentist check here:

        • Peggy
        • October 24, 2017

        If you have a Jordan Valley where you live. They pull teeth and take Medicaid. Only cost me 3 dollars a tooth.

      • Peggy
      • October 24, 2017

      Jordan Valley if you have one there. They take Medicaid and only cost me 3 dollars a tooth

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