Free Dental Care in Maryland

When I first went looking for free dental care in Maryland, the first step in the process was for me to contact the Maryland State Dental Association.

And I have to say that I received a very pleasant and personal reply from the MSDA.

The email came from Peter J. Holmes, IOM, MS, Director of Legislative Operations and Public Policy at the Maryland State Dental Association.

He said that anyone could contact him so that he could give them an update by county as to what was currently available.

And I have say, I felt that was pretty cool. You can reach out to him at 410-964-2880 Ext. 102 or email him at

Free Dental Care in Maryland

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There are several other places you can look as well.

First of all, the MSDA works with the Mission of Mercy and sponsors traveling road shows where people can seek out free dental care. Now, these roadshows seem to take place about every 6 months (you can get the rundown here) but if there is one coming close to you then this will be an ample opportunity for you.

However, I want to warn you that the lines can be VERY LONG so if you plan on going get there early.

University of Maryland Dental School

I was not able to find any definitive information as to whether or not they provide free dental care but state universities will normally provide care at least at a reduced rate. For that reason I am including their contact information in this link and you should contact them to see if there is any help available for you.

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    • Cynthia
    • January 23, 2015

    Hello, I sent an email to you asking if you could help me find free dental care in Maryland. You were gracious enough to resond promptly, thank you. I have contacted the people you asked me to.
    I’ve called and emailed (twice since January 5th) Peter Holmes at the Maryland Dental Association and as of yet have not heard anything from him. I contacted the National Association of Free Clinics and was told that they could not help me. I also contacted a free clinic in my neighborhood and it has been closed. I have contacted the University of Maryland Dental School and the fees are just too high for me to pay. I don’t know where else to turn, I am in constant pain and need help. Do you have any other suggestions?

    1. Reply

      I have a couple of more.

      1) This is the Maryland Department of Aging Services…

      Contact them, explain the situation and see what they can do.

      2) They do have a listing of county agencies here.

      Contact the one that applies to you and ask for help.

      3) Try the University of Maryland Dental School….

      They may have a program for low-income individuals to get either free or reduced-fee services.

      4) I found this guide for you from the Maryland Department of Oral Health…

      I hope that one of these helps you. Keep in touch and let me know how you make out.

    • Jerry
    • May 15, 2016

    Thanks for trying to help.
    The listed in #2 above is not valid any more.
    Also FYI Missions of Mercy is almost not existent for dentistry help. Their services are hard to get and cover almost nothing.

    1. Reply


      I contacted you back via Facebook. Were you seeking help in West Virginia or Maryland. I sent you the WV information.

    • Cynthia
    • November 14, 2016

    I am back a year later and still no dental help. I have gum disease and took what little money I had to go to a dentist to have four cracked teeth removed from my gums. I need about 4 more removed from my gums but can’t afford it. So now I have no top teeth and cannot work. I’ve been out of work for a month and a half and have no money. I get food stamps. I’m not considered disabled cause I can work and can’t get unemployment benefits cause I can’t work because of no teeth. I am getting more and more depressed and thinking about ending it all. I live with my daughter and her husband and kids and I know I’m becoming a burden. I’ve just about had it with this horrible life. And also when you have no money people treat you so bad.

    1. Reply

      The first step to me helping is knowing where you are at…I sent you a list of resources back in January 2015. Did you contact them all?

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