Free Dental Care in Maine

As I sought out sources of free dental care in Maine, I was pleasantly surprised with what I found.

The information is very thorough and the government does a good job overall of getting the information out.

I will be dividing this information among the best sources of information to find out the free services in Maine…the Maine Dental Association and MaineCare.

Free Dental Care in Maine



First, as always, I would advise you to check my “Free Dentures and Dental Care” page for national resources of dental care for low-income individuals. But for Maine specifically, here are a few resources…

First, download this file for a complete listing of dental clinics and services for residents of Maine. This list, compiled by the Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention – Oral Health Program, has locations of clinics as well as income and eligibility requirements.

The way you should use it is as follows…read the report, find the nearest clinics to you and then contact them for the specific eligibility requirements for that particular clinic.

Some may have restrictions on the people they will see (some clinics are only for kids) and others may have income requirements or may only offer “reduced fee for services”.

In addition, the report gives a detailed description of the MaineCare program and what that program will cover relating to dental services.

Maine Dental Association

The MDA is involved in advocacy of programs that could help senior obtain free dental care and other services if they meet income requirements through programs such as Senior-Dent and Donated Dental Services.

I would email them at or contact them through their Facebook page at  (sorry…couldn’t find any other contact information) to find out what programs they may know about that could help you.

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