Free Dental Care in Louisiana

When I first looked for free dental care in Louisiana, stop #1 was to email the Louisiana Dental Association to see if they could supply any information.

This was the response that I received…”There is very limited assistance. Period.”

Boy, thanks for that load of help! I guess I caught them on a bad day.

And the sad part is that there is plenty of help available. I guess you just have to look for it yourself.

Free Dental Care in Louisiana



And the first thing I did was to check the website of the Louisiana Dental Association. And right there was a series of community clinics working with Donated Dental Services to help in Louisiana get the dental care they need.

You can view the listing here. 

And as you can see, there are plenty of clinics, but they also have eligibility and income requirements. Therefore, you will need to contact the ones that are closest to you, explain your situation and see what you are eligible for.

Louisiana Medicaid

The next thing I did was to check with the Louisiana State government to see if there was any assistance for those on Medicaid.

It wasn’t that hard to find. The link for all of the information you need to apply for the benefits, as well as seek out other information and assistance, is located here.

So if you are seeking free dental care in Louisiana, there IS help out there.

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