Free Dental Care in Kentucky

Seniors living in the Bluegrass State should rest easy as there are plenty of resources for them to find free dental care in Kentucky.

I will be going over the specific programs native to Kentucky below, but do want to remind my readers that I have already written about several national programs that offer free dental care on my “Free Dentures and Dental Care” page.

There are three key areas I want to investigate with you: The University of Kentucky Dental Center, the Kentucky Dental Association and government assistance offered by the state of Kentucky’s Medicaid program.

Free Dental Care in Kentucky

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University of Kentucky Dental Center

Their website lists several clinics that offer “competitive fees” for services. I don’t know how competitive but I would recommend that you at least contact them to see what their guidelines are.

Kentucky Dental Association

While there was prominent mention of a program entitled Kentucky Smiles! aimed at helping children with no dental coverage, there was no specific mention of any program for seniors in Kentucky.

However, it would definitely contact them as they would know of any local organizations that may assist you. Their contact information is located here

Kentucky Medicaid Program

The Kentucky Department of Medicaid Services does offer SOME services to adults…though not all. For that reason, if you are on Medicaid you should contact the local Medicaid office for more information to clarify the services offered and which dentists do accept those payments, as not all with accept Medicaid.

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