Free Dental Care in Kansas

When I went to look for free dental care in Kansas, my first stop was to check the website for the Kansas Dental Association to find state-specific resources.

Of course, you can check my free dental care page to find organizations that provide this type of information on the national level.

The first thing that I found was a link to the donated dental services program. It provides…

“Its purpose is to provide free, comprehensive care for people who are permanently disabled, elderly and medically compromised who are unable to afford dental care.”1

Free Dental Care in Kansas



For more information about Donated Dental Services in Kansas contact Andy Acree at 888-870-2066

In addition, there were a few other resources that I wanted to mention to you that could assist you Jayhawks in finding the dental care you need…

The Kansas Dental Charitable Foundation

I would contact them at …

Mailing Address
5200 SW Huntoon
Topeka, KS 66604


The great part about an organization such as this is that they will know of the “hard-to-find” local resources and events that are going on in the dental community. Often dentists volunteer their time to take part in traveling road shows. This is the organization that would know when and where those road shows are occurring.

Kansas Department of Health and Environment

Their website offers listing of clinics and community colleges that offer free (or reduced fee) dental care. There are income and other eligibilty requirements so the best thing for you to do would be to contact them at (785) 296-1500, explain your situation and your resources and let them guide you to the best help available in your area.



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