Free Dental Care In Iowa

When I contacted the Iowa state dental association to help with the information in this post, I didn’t get much of a reply.

All I received was one number in reply, to Donated Dental Services at 1-515-251-8000.

So I knew I had to dig deeper.

Now, in addition to the national sources that I have previously outlined in my “Free Dental Care” page, there are two posts that I found that would be of interest to you.

Free Dental Care In Iowa



First, I found a listing of about 10 free clinics at (

The other was a listing of dentists that accept Medicaid in Iowa (

Now, for the three listings (call the number above as well), the way that I would go about things is as follows…

1) Find the clinic/dentist that is closest to you

2) Reach out to them and see what they can offer you

Now every clinic will accept you on a free basis. Some will only take children, some will only take the disabled. Some will have reduced fees. Others will accept seniors for free.

The point I am making is that there is help out there if you go out and look for it.


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