Free Dental Care in Illinois

When I begin my search for Free Dental Care in Illinois, I began my search with looking for information at the Illinois State Dental Association website.

And while there was information there for kids, there wasn’t information for adults who were looking for free services.

When I delved deeper, I found out why. The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services Dental Program only services adults in an emergency.

This change took place effective July 1,2012 (probably for budgetary reasons but the website didn’t say) so at first it appeared there were very few options available.

However, you could always check my “Free Dentures and Dental Care” page which lists several sources for free care on the national level.

Free Dental Care in Illinois




But where was one specific thing you definitely need to check out…Donated Dental Services of Illinois. They provide comprehensive services to patients but do not provide emergency services.

In order to qualify, you need to be 65 years old, medically at risk or permanently disabled.

You can get all of the information here as to the other eligibility requirements.

As you might imagine, there is an EXTREMELY long waiting list, but if you are in need of free dental care this is one place that can help you.


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    • Melissa Gonzalez
    • July 16, 2015

    I have 9 teeth left and there so bad I don’t have a social life anymore cuz they have got so bad I was attacked and had my jaw broke I need full dentures I have public aide plz help me I live in Chicago thanks

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      Here are a few links to resources that may be able to help…

      This is a listing of clinics which offer free or reduced fee services

      This is the City of Chicago Office of the Aging…

      This is the State of Illinois Office of the Aging

      For the first one, you will have to contact individual clinics.

      For the other two, reach out to them, explain your situation and see what assistance they can offer.

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