Free Dental Care in Hawaii

As I normally do, when looking for free dental care in Hawaii the first thing that I did was to do a search at the Hawaii State Dental Association. But strangely, I found nothing there.

Of course, i would remind anyone in Hawaii to visit my “Free Dentures and Dental Care” page for a listing of national resources for free dental care.

But I did continue my search, and I did find some local resources for low-income individuals to find free dental care in Hawaii…

Free Dental Care In Hawaii


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But I did find a reference to assistance programs for low-income individuals to get all types of medical care at the Quest Hawaii website, located at, a branch of the Department of Human Services in Hawaii.

That link will take you to the application and the process for those 65 or older free dental services in Hawaii.

There is a long list of services you may qualify for, if you fit the asset and income qualifications.

My personal opinion is that the best way for you to go about the process would be for you to use the “Contact Us” ┬álink and call them directly…this way they can walk you through the process.

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