Free Dental Care In Connecticut

I started my search for resources for free dental care in Connecticut with the Connecticut State Dental Association.

Unfortunately, I looked at their site and found nothing relating to the topic, unlike a lot of other states that I have researched.

Then I emailed them for help on the topic, and got no response.

So, I had to search on my own. And I did find one program that you could take advantage of.

But first of all I would like to remind you to visit my “Free Dentures and Dental Care” (opens in a separate window) page which discusses options on a national basis.

But there is one program in Connecticut you should be aware of.

Free Dental Care In Connecticut


Known as “Husky Health”, it is Connecticut’s health care for children and adults.

There are 4 parts of the program, Parts A – D, but for the purposes of this article I am going to focus on “Husky C” as it is the part of the program that deals with seniors.

The way you get involved in the program is to fill out the application (|) and then mail it into the Husky office listed.

Once you send the application in, you will be contacted about the next steps. Keep in mind that there are eligibility and income requirements. The Husky representative will be in contact with you about these.


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