Free Dental Care in Colorado

Free dental care in Colorado for those low-income individuals who need it is pretty easy to find.

First of all, my “free dental page” lists places you can look, like dental colleges and the Donated Dental Services program, which can help you regardless of the state that you live in.

But as far as specific information meant for Colorado residents, all you need to do is go to the Colorado State Dental Association website and click on the “Low cost dentistry” link in the menu bar.

Free Dental Care in Colorado



From there, you will see a map of Colorado powered by Google maps which shows the location of each clinic throughout the state.




And below the map, you will see addresses, phone numbers and a few websites.

But here is the thing…I took a look at a few of the websites and it was difficult to differentiate between the “free” and the “low cost clinics”. So what you are going to have to do is contact each one of them, explain your situation and see how they can help you.

One option for the future, starting in April 2014, is that Medicaid will cover at least some dental procedures in Colorado. Of course, as with everything else the government does there are restrictions and limitations to the Medicaid funding.

I found this article from the Denver Post which details the benefits and limitations of the program. You should definitely check it out.


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