Free Dental Care in Alabama

If you are a senior and seeking free dental care in Alabama, there are several resources that you should look to for help.


First of all you should check out my “free dental care” page which will give you ideas of resources on a national level.


But as far as state specific resources, there are certainly opportunities for you to find the help you need…


Free Dental Care In Alabama



The first thing I would do is contact the Alabama state dental association at (334) 265-1684, because even though the resources on my list are recent they may know of other resources that just came online to assist you.


The other thing that I would do is to download this list of Alabama dental clinics that take Medicaid.


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The January 2009 version of this document was the most recent available.


For this reason, what I would do is start calling one clinic at a time. Find out what type of services are performed, if they still take Medicaid (remember this is a 2009 document) and if there are any restrictions on the services provided based upon income status.


In other words, make sure that you qualify for the services first. And see if there are any special services available.


As an example, some of the offered a free dental van service, where they came to you!!!


So it will be worth the time for you to call each of these clinics to see what is available for you.




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