Free Dental Care California

There are several avenues that seniors can use to obtain free dental care in California if they for the eligibility requirements.

In addition to the resources that I list below, make sure to visit my “Free Dentures and Dental Care” page which provides an overview of national programs and resources that can assist you.

But the listings that you see below will be specific to California, as I have looked into some local resources for those who may have difficulty in finding the resources on their own.

Free Dental Care in California



Reach out to the CDA

The California Dental Association was the first place I began my search. They actually have a wide range of resources on their website (although I do have to say that I emailed them two weeks ago with a request for information on this subject matter and I never heard back).

So in case you have the same issues I wanted to show you how to navigate their website.

The information you are looking for is under “Public Resources” and then “Low Cost Dental Services”. The page is located here

On the right hand side of the page is a “Find A Clinic” box and you can fill in your information to find a clinic in your area.

Because it says “Low Cost” clinic I would contact the ones in your area, explain your situation and find out any pricing issues or restrictions on the services that each clinic may have.

Donated Dental Services of California

This is a national group but I wanted to give you the information for the California branch as well as the link for the application

This is a 4-page application you need to fill out. Do that and send it back via the address listed at the page 2. They will be in contact with you after your application is processed.

Medi-Cal Dentists

There are dentists that take Medicaid, and you can find them through the Medi-Cal program. What you do is go to and plug in the plan you are associated with (Medi-Cal, Health Family Program, etc…) and you will receive a listing o dentists in your area.


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    • Robert Leigh
    • August 23, 2017

    Hello, I am a no income senior that is in dyer need of of dentures. I am on welfare and make $150.00 per month. At this point I have four missing teeth and a 5th is coming out soon. I am on Medical. I live in West Hollywood, California. Any help or advice you can give me would be much appreciated. My contact info is below on your form.

    Robert Leigh

      • tony
      • August 24, 2017


      The information is above for you to apply

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