Free Dental Care in Delaware

When I went looking for sources of free dental care in Delaware, I was actually pleasantly surprised by the response I received from the Delaware State Dental Association.

I emailed them for help with this article and they responded to me asking me to contact them so that they could assist me.

And its actually good that they are willing to take an active, one-on-one role in helping people find the resources that are needed.

Free Dental Care in Delaware



So the first thing that I would recommend, in addition to checking out my “Free Dentures and Dental Care” page (link opens in a separate window) which has several services available on a national basis, is for you to reach out to the Delaware State Dental Association.

This is the link to their contact page… I am sure they will get back to you as quickly as they did to me.

The other thing I did was to check out the Delaware Medicaid resource for those low-income seniors in Delaware who are on Medicaid.

The list of dentists who accept Medicaid is here:

You should contact the ones closest to you and confirm your eligibility with them before making an appointment.

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